Because you have supported our global missions booth during the summer. MissionLab has come alongside local ministries in different countries to fulfill the great commission. One of those places has been the South American Country of Bolivia, and we would like to update you about our friends.

Pre-virus Situation: Political unrest

Thanks to you, a team of five provided training and Biblical material at a Pastor’s conference last October 2019. Their mission trip in Bolivia was cut short because of strikes right after fraudulent presidential elections. In November 2019, Bolivia got an interim president in the midst of political unrest, and by March 2020 a new 

crisis approached the Bolivian borders. Novel Corona Virus, Covid-19.

People started supplying themselves with food as the country was moving towards quarantine orders which came on Sunday, March 22, 2020. The government ordered all to stay home attempting to stop the spreading of the new virus. Phone companies urged their users to “stay home” and “Social distance” by changing their LTE acronyms to their spanish phrases “Quedate en Casa” or “Manten tu Distancia”

The interim president Jeanine Anez declared: All borders closed, fines of 2,000 Bolivianos ($280) for vehicles found transiting, an assigned day a week to leave home to get supplies depending on the last digit of personal IDs and no one could leave home on Saturday and Sunday.

Current Situation: Virus and Political crisis

The strict measures affected all and our ministry partners were no exception, so some of them found a way to continue with church and prayer meetings, video calls, and messaging. Since the beginning of the quarantine and the new normal, God’s mercies and provision have been evident during these uncertain times when most are unable to work.

Boris Sotomayor, a missionary in Yaguaru, has seen zero cases in his village and has been able to start more home churches due to church building gathering prohibitions. According to him, “This situation has been even better because we are able to present the Gospel to family members at the home who would not necessarily go to the church building and more families are eager to have us come to their homes.” Because of home visits, Pastor Boris has been able to start more youth discipleship groups.

Ruben Gianella, a pastor in the city of Santa Cruz, has used Facebook live in order to keep Sunday morning and evening sermons and has been using Zoom for small prayer meetings. The members of La Fe Baptist Church are well and no one has come down with the virus.

David and Estela Siani, church planters in Riberalta, have seen a recent spike of cases in the last couple of weeks and they have been unable to leave their home.

We pray for our friends in the cities and villages in Bolivia and as they continue reaching out to their communities. We pray for Bolivia and the challenges people are facing with their health system. We pray for those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and we prayerfully await for the time we can come alongside in ministry with our brothers and sisters in Bolivia. We know God is in control. Join us in praying for the Bolivian people and for more open doors to the Gospel in the midst of these ever-changing times in Bolivia.

Elections are scheduled for September and the quarantine in Bolivia is scheduled until the end of the month of June.