This year for MissionLab 2023, our theme is going to be “In That Number”. For some of you, this may make you think of the song, “When the Saints go Marching In”. That song has a long tradition but was most notably made famous by the Jazz singer Louis Armstrong here in New Orleans. For people here in New Orleans, it usually brings the thought of the New Orleans Saints Football team. But it has a far deeper meaning as well. It can be traced back to beings as a Christian hymn and black spiritual song. It leads the singer to think about what it means to be counted in the number of saints that go marching into heaven on their final days. 


This year for MissionLab, we want to consider what it means to be counted in that number. What does it mean for us all to be united together as believers? What does it mean that we live together as one in Christ? What does it mean to work together and not judge each other? To Follow Christ’s example of building up the body of believers instead of tearing them down? To consider how ministry may be different in each of our home towns and different here in New Orleans. To consider that being united together means that we are able to reach more people for Christ so that we can all collectively be saints united together and considered to be “In That Number.”