Children’s ministry is a vital part of MissionLab’s ministry in New Orleans. Through Backyard Bible Clubs and sports camps provided by our volunteers, children not only fill their days, but they fill them with Christ-centered activities that can change their lives!

Most of our children’s ministry groups set up their programming in parks and green spaces around the city and spend the week ministering there. We provide the location, and you’re off and running!

We have found that groups that come prepared for what they were doing, with all the material they need and with creative ways to share the gospel, have had the best time and the most success with the kids!

Groups need to come prepared with whatever supplies they want to use for their ministry, whether that involves crafts or equipment for games.

We also partner with local churches and community centers to help out with camps and VBS activities all over the city. The supply needs and the level of preparation necessary will vary by location, but your site coordinator can give you some insight when planning for these sites.

Consider bringing things like: Bible study materials, crayons, bubbles, jump ropes basketballs, soccer balls, footballs

kick balls, sidewalk chalk, snacks and juice for children.

Many groups have found it best to spend the first day physically and spiritually prepping the area where they will be working. This includes picking up trash, handing out flyers, and prayer walking.

-Be consistent on arrival time each day

– Having several shorter, bite-size bible studies work better than longer ones

– Come up with different, creative ways to share bible studies such as chalk, verbal, visual story time, etc.

– Please be sensitive to the area and kids that you are around. This is a public park, and you are a visitor there. This is their city and neighborhood, so please show it and them love and respect.

– Bring enough snacks for your team and the kids while at your ministry site.

-Above all else, do not forget to LOVE the kids.