New Orleans is an urban center, and, because of that, some of the same issues that are found in most urban centers around the world are present in our city. We have a homeless population and we strive to love on them and share Christ with him.

The reason that your team has requested to do homeless ministry is so that you can help someone who is in need, but we are all in need in some way or another. You may have a nice house, but you may need a friend. You may have lots of friends, but you may need help in school. We all need something, but the most important thing that we need is to know Christ and to have people treat us with dignity and love.

  • -Socks
  • -Bottled Water -Toothpaste -Toothbrush
  • -T-shirts
  • -Hats
  • -Non-Alcoholic Wipes -Fresh Fruit
  • -Raisins -Granola Bars -Bug Spray -Sunscreen -Deodorant -Bibles -Books
  • -Mouthwash (with Alcohol)
  • -Hand Sanitizer (with Alcohol)
  • -Rubbing Alcohol -Razor Blades -Sewing Needles

1. When you are going out to minister to the homeless, don’t act like they are a problem that you can fix. They are merely people in need of love. They are people just like you. Some are homeless temporarily because of some bad circumstances, and some are homeless because of issues that they struggle with. Others may even choose to be homeless.

2. This is their home. When you are going out to talk with them, you are doing so in their home. Don’t go into these areas without saying hello and talking with them as you are walking up. Don’t stand over them when you are talking. If they are sitting or lying down, ask if you can sit next to them and talk with them. If they don’t want to talk, they will let you know.