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A Single Week, A Lifetime of Impact

What We Offer

We provide a truly unique camp experience on a beautiful campus in an amazing city. From our speakers and bands, to our mission sites, to our city, you’ll find no other missions program quite like ours.

Ministry Site Options

Where your groups can serve with MissionLab.

Our Location

MissionLab is hosted on the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary campus –

a beautiful and convenient place to stay, eat and experience our city.


Frequently Asked Questions

• Lodging in campus dorms or hotel-style rooms
• Three meals a day (hot breakfast, sack lunch, and a hot dinner)
• Professional staff to facilitate your experience
• Ministry site assignments that match the ability and desires of your group
• Worship services and fellowship opportunities
• Preparation materials designed to spiritually prepare your group for missions in our city
• Private meeting space for group time at night
• A MissionLab t-shirt, devotional, and pen

Group leaders choose rooming assignments. Two housing options are available, dormitory or hotel style housing (additional charge for hotel). Dorms are furnished with bunk beds, with 4-6 campers per room. If your group chooses to stay in the dorms, campers will need to bring their own pillows, bed linens, towels, and toiletries. We will give you the appropriate number of rooms based on how many people are in your group, and your leader will then be responsible for assigning roommates to each specific room.

New Orleans, like any other urban center around the U.S., has crime issues. Please know, though, that all of our campers are housed on the NOBTS campus that is both gated and has 24-hour security. Our campus police team patrols the campus regularly throughout the day and night and also monitors whoever enters and leaves the campus. We also strive to ensure safety when we send groups to mission sites around the city. The places we send our groups have been assessed by our staff in advance, and have been prayed over and lifted up to the Lord in our preparation.

Casual, comfortable clothes are recommended for both ministry and free time. Our desire is to minister to the greatest number of people possible. Whether campers and staff are on campus or out on the site, it is important that nothing we do, say, or wear distracts from our message of sharing the Gospel and making disciples. In an effort to help campers dress in a manner that will not take away from your ministry efforts, we have provided the following guidelines that are strictly enforced by our staff:

SHORTS: Shorts MUST extend at least one inch below fingertips while standing. Running shorts that “swoop” up on the sides are not acceptable if they do not meet the length requirement all the way around.

SHIRTS:Beware of any offensive or insensitive material printed on t-shirts. You can roll the sleeves up and sleeveless shirts may be worn, but thin strapped tank-tops, low necklines, and midriffs are NOT allowed. No part of undergarments must ever be seen. Due to sudden rainfall in New Orleans, girls should pack more than just white t-shirts.

SHOES: Closed-toe shoes with closed heels must be worn while on construction sites. Keep your feet protected!

JEANS: Jeans offer more protection, but are not required for work sites unless otherwise stated. Low-cut hip hugger jeans are not allowed unless a shirt is worn long enough to cover the backside and midriff.

SWIMSUITS: For males, board shorts are acceptable swimwear (no speedos). For females, modest one-piece swimsuits or tankinis that completely cover the midriff are acceptable. NO two-pieces, mono-kinis, bikinis, or anything that reveals midriff or is very low-cut.

OTHER: It’s a good idea to bring a light rain jacket—afternoon showers are common.

MissionLab does not provide transportation of any kind (i.e. airport runs, trips to mission sites, Wal-Mart runs, hospital runs, etc). Your group leader is responsible for planning and facilitating all transportation for the group—that includes traveling to and from New Orleans, traveling around the city, and getting around on campus.

Free time is available and flexible with our customized schedule. We build in a few free evenings for groups to spend either relaxing on campus or site-seeing in the city, and if notified ahead of time, we can also add free time for the group during the day. The tourist environment of New Orleans provides opportunities for some great activities, and we always encourage our groups to experience the culture and cuisine that the city has to offer. We can also recommend a number of options for free or low-cost activities around New Orleans. There are also on-campus options for free time as well. The campus gym and pool are open at various times of the week, depending on the season.

There are NO laundry facilities for MissionLab use on campus. Campers are encouraged to bring enough clothes for each day, including extra clothes they don’t mind getting dirty and will not need to wear again. There are two public laundromats across the street from campus if there is an absolute need for laundry access. They cost $2-$5 per load.

Alcohol, illegal substances, firearms, fireworks, dangerous weapons, skateboards, & scooters are prohibited. Cell phones and electronic devices such as iPods, CD players, Gameboys, etc. are allowed or prohibited according to the group leader’s discretion (although please note that none of these items are allowed during camp-led worship). PLEASE NOTE: Neither MissionLab nor NOBTS are responsible for damage to or theft of any personal items or devices.


“Be ready to watch your kids lives change and their hearts soften, and God to work in their lives”

Danita, Kingsland Baptist Church

“Not only has it impacted our church, but I believe it has truly impacted our community.”

David , Slackland Baptist Church

“It’s been one of the greatest experiences for my youth”

Rob, Camp Creek Baptist Church


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